PATH TO SUCCESS
MR.ICON AKA BIGSTAX ON DECK: Official CEO of                                          SOLAR SWAG ENT. 
     Birth Name: Dante Alexander  specially known as Mr.Icon aka BIGSTAX.He was born in Omaha ,Ne. Back and forth between Omaha and Houston he and his family finally got stable and he started his quest to be the best rapper to come out of Houston. Growing up on 5500 Desoto over in Acres Homes helped him learn his street and hood smarts. He then moved out of the hood 2008 ,and started handling responsibilities as a man.From there he said  in his words he"Grew up" and then his rap career started to sky rocket. He has worked with many different artist such as Kuis Antone which is his cousin by blood and K9,yung fetti,R.O.B,Charmz owner of PlanetRoc Ent,Baby C a rapper out Dallas Tx,Money hungry aka lil brother same mother different father,lil pooh,Prophxt and more. SOLAR SWAG ENT was made up 2008-2009 as a joke then turned into magic in "BIGSTAX" words "SWAGGIN".As a young artist looking up to the worlds greatest hip-hop artists of all time such as tupac, biggie, rick ross,lil wayne,run dmc,etc..Helped him develope excellent music and crazy adlibs that continues to have his audience on their toes.From recording himself on a karaoke tape player to recording in the official studios.He has become one of the best artist to blow.From 2008-2010 Rapper Bigstax has been a single artist for about 2 years before he converted to a wonderful outstanding group member of the group called:316 under rap label "PLANETROC". Since then he has performed at venues across Houston,Tx including Club Taylors, MIdtown Lounge and club Entyce.For almost a year things had been great then everything sort of tumbled down hill"you know the ol group thang" in "BIGSTAX" words. Yet alone he went to mention that he loved being part of PLANETROC but he has felt like everyones motivation and devotion were not really there the whole  time. He then goes on to say"i love doining music whether its with planetroc in the future or just carrying my own upcoming entertainment specially known as "SOLAR SWAG ENT.".As of today Bigstax is pursuing his rap career alone until further notice and he says"Whatever im doing whether it is a single rapper or doing my group thang, i feel like im going to have a huge impact on the industry itself soon .His hopes and plans are eventually one day signing to a major label with YOUNG MONEY,ROC NATION, or MAYBACH MUSIC . He quotes"I WILL CONTINUE TO DO MY BEST TO GET WHERE I WANT TO BE". 
                                               P.S BIGSTAX
Master of Music by Henry Van Dyke
Glory of architect, glory of painter, and sculptor, and bard,
Living forever in temple and picture and statue and song, --
Look how the world with the lights that they lit is illumined and starred,
Brief was the flame of their life, but the lamps of their art burn long! 

Where is the Master of Music, and how has he vanished away?
Where is the work that he wrought with his wonderful art in the air?
Gone, -- it is gone like the glow on the cloud at the close of the day!
The Master has finished his work, and the glory of music is -- where? 

Once, at the wave of his wand, all the billows of musical sound
Followed his will, as the sea was ruled by the prophet of old:
Now that his hand is relaxed, and his rod has dropped to the ground,
Silent and dark are the shores where the marvellous harmonies rolled! 

Nay, but not silent the hearts that were filled by that life-giving sea;
Deeper and purer forever the tides of their being will roll, 
Grateful and joyful, O Master, because they have listened to thee, --

    The glory of music endures in the depths of the        human soul.